The Epic Presidential Poem: The Trump Years.

Citizens, heed the legacy of the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump,
a pompous smartass, who had far more than he deserved, but wanted more. 1 

We are broken in the middle again,
a crack at the hinge of the body that will not mend. 2

This is an unfamiliar trembling beneath the surface
a kind of fear that leaves you breathless and choking in the dark.3

And all the shadows agreed, their length just got longer.  4
The grand estate began to smolder as the cleansing commenced. 5

Is America great again yet already? 6

We will never again be little women with marshmallow tongues who carry handkerchiefs to blot the slime of your condescension. 7

Let’s break off limbs, rip up roots. Make the jungle great again!
Lock em’ up! Lock em’ up! Put creatures who object in pens! 8

Descend the horrid boots upon the orange flea ingrained
inside that empty bombard called, His Presidential Head. 9

Like a dangling sword, all that we dreaded, cut loose falls upon us. 10 

If you rule with iron, know that the blood and blades
of the oppressed will sharpen. 11

The Majority Vote should sue.  Sue baby sue.  Sue everything they do.
I’m calling for 3 million lawsuits filed against Trump.  Just sue. 12

He spoke, and I saw his acid spittle drip, drip and etch the fringes of history. 13
There’s a twelve-year-old boy, freckle-faced, Trump for President t-shirt,

dropping the n-bomb,slapping his knee and adjusting his
Yeah, Buddy ball cap between sentence breaks. 14


I won’t watch him on TV, read the newspaper or listen to the radio
because the words crawl over me like unwanted touch. 16

Shameless huckster, carnival barker, impotent, impudent teller of lies  17
I’m, like, a really smart person, he bragged, squinting into a howling wind .18

There is no music in this man—only masochisms of caustic eructating reflux and clamorous malodorous flatulence—to be broadcast live across the nation 24/7. 19

Indifferent to Armageddon the President tweets his self-centered
annoyances each morning 20 

We wake up from our nightmares to further nightmares. 21 

His first week in office, Trump gagged the EPA, revived  Keystone XL, approved
Dakota Access, gutted the ACA, ignored the facts, tweeted alternatives. 22 

He opened the box and out swarmed hate, stinging those marked
by race, sex, beliefs, or love. Only hope remained: a balm—not a solution. 23 

Ashes rain on a world that sits shiva.
The vest is torn, mourners rock their grief. 24 

He, white-orange Mammon’s minion, tethered to Weak Wall Street’s Bannon, flares, flings; yet we, in their despite,

with solidarity confront their hellish night. 25 
I hope for your sake that the devil accepts you. 26 

How long do we allow puppets to dress up discrimination as democracy? 27 
Already we have been erased, but we will never again be silenced. 28 

In the end, it was all about the wall.  Not the big, beautiful, wall he promised,
but the wall that separates us from them. 29

You came for my brothers, you’ll come for me, but you already know our answer,
Not today: Not today, motherfucker, not today. 30

Denying the undeniable, speaking through muffled news bites, playing the big game of war, the fish-mouth ready to gobble up China and gloat, 31

what’s not stolen at his tolls will be lost at his slots, 32
obfuscate, skate away from truth, confuse, light America’s fuse, but DJT, beware,

take care, millions aren’t just watching but judging and YOU are the apprentice 33
The crones have been stirring their cauldrons, and daughters keep watch and learn.34

From Italian leather shoes and shrill perfume, we keep a glimmer of light outward.35

Life is more dangerous for all of us,36the generals come and go,
unsure if their briefs have been read, 37

The Klan-backed white man replaced the first black man to occupy the White House,and white power slogans decorate towns like purple hearts. 38

In walks the red tie and red hat; epic fighter, solitary brawler, schooling Frankfurt, choking-out media,academia, Hollywood and Broadway, all steel balls and walls. 39

As for us, Never! We’ll confront, resist, build a longer table—tear your wall down. 40 
Let’s talk about how many balls and walls, how many obfuscated truths one pocket

can hold before seams pull and the leak to come is inevitable. 41 
I’m tired of this fight. I’ve climbed this wall, spoken truth,

taken blows, been shamed and fallen.
Breath shallow, I roar at the wall. 42 

No wall will be tall enough to hide our shame,
as he grabs America without consent and does with her as he pleases. 43 

It’s yours, these slave wages for cheap wars and bombs
to scare the peace out of the sheep, and the peace out of us….44 

As the odious orange marmot burps lies,the wall of shame cannot contain us.
The rabid, spliced by a series of alternative rights. 45 

Discrimination removing the cloak of religion, judge a community
not the cancer-affected portion, but focusing on the brighter aspect! 46 

An old neighbor says, “Disruption. That’s the name of the era.” 47 

A television barker won a job to which he really didn’t aspire and, Heaven Help Us,
now we’re stuck with a Presidential Liar! 48 

Hail to the thief of contested elections, that rusty can of gasoline stored
in the oval office, that crushed orange construction cone topped by straw! 49 

Reveal your stock folio, Mr. Braggadocio; stop your shell game with the truth;
stop pretending that acting is reality. 50 

Yes, yes flirt with ignominy. Remain grease-dirty. Tinker underneath. Seek
aware. Stir. Do not withdraw to quiet corners waiting for a miracle or a fix. 51 

We traveled from hope to fear like a car crash;
now we search for fellow survivors, the women and people of color you despise. 52 

A woman’s place is in the resistance,
and we will rebel every injustice and every wall he builds. 53 

Every time I hear the words, “President Trump,” uttered,
I cringe, disbelieving, still shocked that those words are touching 54 

Shouty spice drools over the orange cheeto. 55 

It is a comic book world, after all. Villains conspire, thinly veiled lies seep out.
What a fabulous distraction, the characters doing a live puppet show! 56 

A first lady versed in the ways of the media spin, the unpopular win, the mis-
understood twin, the glossover, combover, sleepover, pickover master. 57 

Serve up alt-facts in a smoothie, we can still tell sooth from tall tales.
No more malignant rumors! No more artificial Sweden-ers. 58 

Ten days since eyes were pinned open.
Watch true crime documentaries, to understand necrophilia.

Money gods are fucking the corpse we call America. 59 
And in the eye sockets of America’s bleached skull, immigrants run like tears. 60 

Resiste lo que te quiere llevar lejos de la justicia,de la humanidad
El agua empujada volverá con fuerza y velocidad 61 

Our civil discourse has been cursive and we have not been honest with each other
as his barking makes us doubt our own hypothesizes. 62 

The ventriloquists have learned to jibe and rant,
We ignored the vulgar dummy, now discover that we can’t. 63 

Truth denied, diversity exiled, justice fired, science and art defiled, mercy cried — American fascism’s rise. 64 

Like the drunk, politically incorrect uncle, he offends in rapid-fire fashion
while his country apologizes to the sobered world and hopes he’ll go home. 65 

This is our time! Our mothers marched so we wouldn’t have to, and 66 

I am a poor poet you see. But I still need some food and my meds
You don’t want to see me without my meds, Senators. 67 

Not a meal on a wheel, but a wheel and a deal for unscrupulous
bankers; wheel, deal and repeal 68 

Careless cleaning often smothers germinating seeds of greater value.
Weeds and shrubs play a glorious role in a human grove. 69 

Lox News reports: President’s son shares stance on how Trump
handles his transgender bathroom, and changes within the family. 70 

The question for you, Mr. President,is why you waited so long
to mislead the country; this is a witch hunt of historic proportion

that immunity, nor a big election loss, nor the media can excuse. 71 

Donald Trump tweets that he “loves EPP!” He says, “Epic Protest Poems: The
Trump Years is huge…it’s bigely… and everyone should get on the EPP Trump train!”72 

The appearance of a presidential tweet is not
rapture, or change. It is an absent, unpatriotic body. 73 

Absolute bigotry catapults demanding exigencies. Fearlessness gains heroic impulses. Judging keen liberties manages new opportunities, pulsating quick

responses. SmiteTrump until valor, wit, excellence yield zen. 74 
This quantum fantastic joke floats above dirty

plumes of stupidity. It stacks the stratosphere
too scant to buffer the ozone: 75 

Echoes ring from west to east,
a litany of greed: gears of industry grind my world into fine dust.76 

The water’s not warm, nor is the earth round, alternative truths abound.

January 27, 2017: International Holocaust Remembrance Day
the man we don’t want to call our President, with one executive order,

signed in fat black ink, folds America inward, locks itself up. 78 
Donald of Orange reigns in a kingdom of alternative truth,

twitter accounts, where science is the forbidden fruit, untouched
in political circles, unfit for consumption by the masses, who prefer golden glitter. 79 

Each month, cruel this year, despite poppies and hummingbirds in tall grass.80 
The duty of conscience lies with disaster— 81 

We are married to the Rule of Law and cannot divorce its results. 82 

Your cowardice and inferiority are criminal: a predator who grabs girls “by the pussy” and a petulant man-child who refuses to shake a strong woman’s hand. 83 

We thought it would never happen here, so we did nothing to prevent it and now we listen for the whistle of trains rolling off to the camps hiss of gas, roar of

incinerator. Smoke-silent death hovers above the burning world. 84 
Ends up, I never knew I had to be afraid, I had to care. 85 

With a fourth grade vocabulary, spewing vile rhetoric,
hatred, he presumes to lead a nation,

wait―a drop-out named Hitler tried to do the same. 86 
How did I not notice when the apocalypse occurred? 87 

If my skin is brown, yellow, red or black, if I speak another language,
have no place to call my own, if I am poor, if I am woman, if I choose kindness, 88 

a healthy planet; if I reject greed, violence, war, I am escorted off the premises.
I am repeatedly hit over the head with a sign: Make America Great Again! 89 

Forty-five’s daughter and son-in-law, unelected,
now help him run our country– a travesty of government. 90 

Our symbol’s no eagle, it’s a pendulum, said as we reach toward the ticking
clock to restore balance before red tie mashes red button. 91 

To not accept Trump as the new normal, get a goldfish from Mexico or Iran. Watch tiny gills in synchronous motion. Watch it gasp. 92 

Dismay settles on our shoulders.
Our hearts are heavy.

November bleeds into now.
Amber traps our shock.

Lies erode our center.
Do it. Resist. 93 

Her response,
Undesirable; like a noose hanging on her

slender shoulders,
bra straps exposed, slightly 94 

Demean the journalists, defund the arts, denounce the scientists,
demonize or devalue anyone who would dare speak truth. 95 

We phone our kids, sign petitions, ask the trees,
the ocean, the dirt, to assuage us 96 

signs raised, hats on we take to the streets in joyous,
righteous song, but will we show

when it’s our neighbors’ turn on the block? 97 
There was a time of fear when people buried pianos in their backyard;

I now bury my head in quaking hands. 98 
Just grow soldiers they say,

reminding me a lot of what I heard
back in Topeka. 99 

Rich man wants what he wants when he wants it. Winning is the only goal.
Thoughtless. Impulsive. May act illegally, and lies. POTUS! Help us! 100 

I liaise with bad men who’ve got what we don’t need: guns plus silencers. 101 
Holding us hostage with words, campaigns of violence that only begets more 102 

broken government. These shallow wells are running dry,
planting bombs instead of seeds. 103 

The fact is when you ask Siri “What’s the greatest country in the world,”
the result is the U.S., so there you have it. Moreover, the real

problem is half of a “great country” that doesn’t vote. 104 
Another that votes with the best of intentions… 104 

Trumping, slumping, bumping along and clumping immigrants and refugees
into balls of criminal clay without regard to truth. 105 

Defending his vote for “Misinformation” 106 
Distracting the crowd with antics and insanity. 107 

The days fall away, nothing changes. 108 
And the Bubbas never stop talking. 109 

“To undo the devastation, and rise from oppression that our freedoms
suffered These past years, we will cling

to the bounty that we provide, earned, not given.”110 

You rule with fear. While, 111  “We are afraid to care too much, for fear
that the other person does not care at all.” 112 

Two days 113 
of silence. 114 

The paragons of take make moves to take more. 115 
The elephant in the room starts with “I” and ends in a “peach.” 116 

Transformations to summer, and we feel the heat 117 
Not just from the sun, thinning atmosphere, and my burnt skin. 118 

If voting for racism excludes you from being racist,the ontology of self-delusion
sells fast as stomach virus lurking in ballpark hotdogs. Those cheers you excrete. 119 

“When Mr Trump took the oath…with the lowest
approval rating of any incoming president.” 120 

“Trump’s basic personality suggests a…highly combustible…president
who has a less than cordial relationship with the truth.” 121 

Trump’s Administration changed renewable energy regulations,
not wehat everyone expected. 122 

“Mix these up with the vast rich pudding of loopholes, abatements,
and gray areas that wealthy folk in America use” 123 

“”Thank you. Thank you. I won’t forget what you said,”
Trump told the pope after their private meeting.” 124 

“President Trump’s entry in the guest book at Israel’s
national Holocaust memorial…:


The orb that thinks itself opaque
whispers rosebud to the gold-trim snow 126 

A television barker won a job to which he didn’t really aspire, and, Heaven Help Us, now we’re stuck with a Presidential liar. 127

Boy Scouts refrain: 100 days of Trump;

Boy, you have a lot of people here. The press will say it’s about 200 people. Looks like about 45,000 people. You set a record today. You set a record. 128

Some of you here tonight might even have camped out in this yard when Mike was the governor of Indiana…129

I’m waving to people back there so small I can’t even see them.
Man, this is a lot of people.130  

By the way, what do you think the chances are that this incredible, massive crowd, record-setting is going to be shown on television tonight? 131

You have to know whether or not you continue to have the momentum, and if you don’t have it, that’s OK. 132

Because you’re going to go on and you’re going to learn and you’re going to do things that are great. 133

So I have to tell you what we did, in all fairness,
is an unbelievable tribute to you 134

and all of the other millions and millions of people that came out and voted for Make America Great Again. 135

Today, I said we ought to change it from the word ‘swamp’ to the word ‘cesspool’ or, perhaps, to the word ‘sewer.’136

Remember that incredible night with the maps
Republicans are red and the Democrats are blue, and that map was so red, 137

it was unbelievable, and they didn’t know what to say? He so badly wanted it.138
Do we remember that date? Was that a beautiful date? What a date.

…We could use some more loyalty, I will tell you that…otherwise, I’ll say… ‘you’re fired.’ I’ll get somebody.140
The Scout Law says: ‘A Scout is trustworthy, loyal’ — 141

Oh, you’re Boy Scouts, but you know life. You know life. So — look at you. 142
Just a question, did President Obama ever come to a jamboree? 143

I went to Maine four times but we won — one vote. 144
Wisconsin hadn’t been won in many, many years by a Republican. 145

But we go to Wisconsin, and we had tremendous crowds.146
And I’d leave these massive crowds. I’d say, ‘Why are we going to lose this state?’147

And you know we have a tremendous disadvantage in the Electoral College — popular vote is much easier.148

But then Wisconsin came in.
Many, many years — Michigan came in 149

I’ve known so many great people. 150
I’ll tell you a story that’s very interesting for me 151

There was a man, you have some here,
you have some in different states 152

He got bored with this life of yachts and sailing,
All of the things he did in the south of France and other places. 153

And in the end he failed, and he failed badly. 154
Lost all of his money. I saw him at a cocktail party, 155

and it was very sad because the hottest people in New York were at this party.156
I have to tell you our economy is doing great. 157

We’re doing a lot with energy. Believe me. ‘Merry Christmas.’158
They’ve been downplaying that little, beautiful phrase. 159

You’re going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again, folks.’ 160
I promise you that you will live scouting’s adventure every single day of your life, 161

and you will win, win, win and help people in doing so. 162
By the way, Many of my top advisers in the White House were Scouts. 163

Ten members of my Cabinet were Scouts.
Can you believe that? Ten.164

Happy birthday, Love D.T.:

Happy Birthday, USA! To all those who have helped to take back America and even (begrudgingly) to those with whom I may disagree:165

Huma Abedin, “major security risk;” John R. Allen, who “failed badly in his fight against ISIS;” 166

Cory Booker, “the future of the Democratic Party, (they have no future!”) [insert wicked laughter]; Jeb Bush supporters, “the detriment of America;” 167

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who “has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements;” “dumb as a rock,irrelevant, wacko, failing, crying, lost soul,sad, mental basketcase” Glenn Beck; 168

Jeb Bush, “ a no honor!, clueless politician” who “just got contact lenses and got rid of the glasses. He wants to look cool, but it’s far too late;”169

Alec Baldwin, whose “impersonation just can’t get any worse;” “crooked, crooked, crooked,” Hillary Clinton,“Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Weak and Crooked;” and “Highly overrated!” Bill; 170

“Mathematically dead and totally desperate,”John Kasich; “lowly and truly weird” Rand Paul; 171

PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING JOURNALIST,” who nobody ever heard of” David Cay Johnston; “highly neurotic and overrated” US CONGRESSWOMAN Debbie Wasserman Schultz; 172

“Sleazebag” Anthony D. Weiner (“perv”); Samuel L. Jackson who “does too many TV commercials – boring, and cheats–not a fan;” 173

“Goofy, Weak, Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren; The cast of THE BROADWAY SHOW Hamilton “very rude, terrible behavior;” 174

The United Nations, “a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time;” “Sleepy Eyes” POLITICAL ANALYST Mark Halperin; 175

Kasie Hunt with her “poor and purposely inaccurate reporting” on MSNBC; the “out of control” N.B.C. executives; and the “very boring and low rated” John Oliver; 176

Maggie Haberman, “third-rate, sad, and totally bias” NEW YORK TIMES JOURNALIST; “liberal clown” Arianna Huffington; “disaster, no cred, really sad” Senator Lindsey Graham; 177

Germany,“a total mess-big crime;” “deeply troubled” New Jersey; FORMER MISS UNIVERSE Alicia Machado,“disgusting (check out sex tape and past);” 178

“Crazy, wacky” Maureen Dowd, “a neurotic dope;” “Crazy, crazy, exhausted, exhausted wacko” Bernie Sanders; 179

“Disloyal” Macy’s; “very weak, ineffective, and disloyal” Paul Ryan, “Terrible!” China; “Cryin’ Chuck, Cryin’ Chuck, so indignant, total hypocrite, Fake Tears Chuck Schumer;” 180

Meryl Streep, “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood;” Snoop Dogg with his “failing career;” “Sleazy, totally biased” Adam Schiff 181

Carly Fiorina, “if you listen to[her] for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache;” 182

“Lyin’, desperate, weak” Ted Cruz; Cokie “kooky” Roberts,“even dumber;” Marco Rubio “bought and paid for by lobbyists! will never MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Lightweight, lightweight, dishonest, fraud;” 183

The “totally biased and disgusting reporting and clown announcers” at Fox News,“the only network that does not even mention my very successful event last night. Biased – a total joke; 184

The New York Times, where “Every article is unfair and biased; Fake News! Fake News! Does major FAKE NEWS! a fake news joke;185

Arnold Schwarzenegger who “isn’t voluntarily leaving the Apprentice.” He “was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me;” 186

“Little” Michael Bloomberg whose “last term as Mayor [of NYC] was a disaster;” Bill de Blasio, MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY, “the worst mayor in the United States, probably the worst Mayor in the history of #NYC;”

FORMER NEW HAMPSHIRE GOVERNOR, “dummy,” John Sununu, who “couldn’t get elected dog catcher; ” “Terrible!” PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte 188

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, MAYOR OF BALTIMORE, “a joke;” “low life and crude dope,” Michael Nutter, FORMER MAYOR OF PHILADELPHIA, “doing a terrible job;” 189

Ben Sasse,“looks more like a gym rat than a U.S. Senator– how the hell did he ever get elected?”190

“one of the dumber bloggers,”Jennifer Rubin; the “small crowds” at; and that “no profit company” Amazon; 191

“nasty” FORMER TRUMP EXECUTIVE, Barbara Res; the “stupid, suicidal” Republican Party of Virginia;“hater & racist,” Tavis Smiley; 192

Ben Carson who “has never created a job in his life (well, maybe a nurse);” Chris Christie who has been “spending all of his time in NH” [campaigning for me]; 193

“Biased, unfair, dopey sick loser” Karl Rove; Mitt Romney, “failed presidential candidate, who let us all down. No wonder he lost! He choked like a dog;” 194

“Very ‘cowardly!’” James Comey; “very foul mouthed,” John McCain, “always looking to start World War III. All he does is go on television is talk, talk, talk–doing a lousy job in taking care of our Vets;” 195

“THE ART OF THE DEAL” GHOSTWRITER, Tony Schwartz, an “Irrelevant dope! A dummy writer” who “hardly knows me;” 196

Harry Hurt III,AUTHOR, LOST TYCOON: THE MANY LIVES OF DONALD J. TRUMP “failed writer talk[s] about me but know[s] nothing about me. Dummy dope, wrote a failed book;” 197

“not very bright,” Joe Biden; “not nice!” George W. Bush; and George Bush– well, “no more Bushes;” 198

“Terrible, very sad!” Whoopi Goldberg, “now in total freefall;” The View, “a total disaster, close to death, put it to sleep;” 199

Rick Perry who “doesn’t understand what the word demagoguery means;” 200

The Republican Party, “treat[ing] me unfairly;” The “Disgraceful! Obstructionists” or Democrats, who “have fooled the people” with “no ideas or votes,” 201

And the Public who “know NOTHING;”
” and all those Trump Protesters, “thugs, thugs, horrendous thugs.” 202

Happy Birthday, America! Happy Birthday, Love, DT 203

Demagoguery Is A Punk-Bitch: Vain went down the drain– pussies grabbed back, Mexicans stopped raping, Muslims quit murdering; Narcissus’ mirrors shattered– the smoke, it choked him blind.. 204

Today, fellow citizen, you sleep in your lazy boy, slack mouth open, big belly sweating; Sessions testifies before the senate; your sound is turned off. 205

My city went to war. The bluesmen wept blood
over the dead and wounded on the light-rail platform while fireworks lit the sky.206

They’ve begun to reshelve the dystopian works in the nonfiction section 207

Our voices are silenced by farces dubbed “alternative facts” as we show our defiance through clear peaceful acts. 208 Ankle-deep in the floorboards. 209

I can think about cancer or death but repress our new President. 210
Cake Diplomacy–three hundred fifty degrees in hell—hit bake and volley. 211

Look! Look! he cries. They punched my supporter in the face! Behind the popped Trumpster, 100 Americans fall to death as they’re pushed from the rafters. 212

While the Jester played out the role of President, we the people, remained preoccupied with the show.213 

[Once,] character was forged by tilling the land; according to another it was forged by being tested by the land; and in another it was formed 214 

by being cleansed by the land. These types wove together
to form the American mythos. 215 

National security. A wall. Why didn’t the cold of 1989
destroy this sort of thinking? 216 

Trump thinks he is on fleek! 217 
CNN reports, “fake news” about Trump being “on fleek” 218 

The President’s newest allies are in for
[a] lesson on how [he] makes friends.219 

He has a habit of developing a crush on political allies and aides, and then souring on them when they fail to match his exacting standards of loyalty. 220 

Reince [had] said, “You have – you have two choices. You either drop out right now, or you lose by the biggest landslide in American political history.” 221 

And Trump, with his humor goes, “That’s a great way – that’s a great way to start our – start our conversation.” 222 

The President has bucked establishment Republicans,223 
he said he looks forward to working with both Republicans and Democrats. 224 

Congressional Republicans are still taking steps to keep the president’s tax returns hidden, even from Congress. 225 

Keeping his secrets and safe. 226  The President reportedly complained that the Emir’s plane was 100 feet longer than his. 227 

Little men and their toys. 228  Out of the 37 countries…, Trump received higher marks than his predecessor in just two nations: Russia and Israel. 229 

[But today at] 3 p.m.: The Trumps will arrive at Camp David.230 


Call for Submissions: Epic Protest Poems: The Trump Years

Here at Epic Protest Poems, we are curating an epic poem as our first project.


We invite all poets to write one line, of no more than 26 words that will be considered for inclusion in the Epic Presidential Poem: The Trump Years. 

(The concept is to receive lines of poetry, we will read and select the best lines to then place the lines into what will become an epic poem that we add one line to for every day that Trump is in office.)