The Epic Presidential Poem: The Trump Years.

Citizens, heed the legacy of the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump,
a pompous smartass, who had far more than he deserved, but wanted more. 1 

We are broken in the middle again,
a crack at the hinge of the body that will not mend. 2

This is an unfamiliar trembling beneath the surface
a kind of fear that leaves you breathless and choking in the dark.3

And all the shadows agreed, their length just got longer.  4
The grand estate began to smolder as the cleansing commenced. 5

Is America great again yet already? 6

We will never again be little women with marshmallow tongues who carry handkerchiefs to blot the slime of your condescension. 7

Let’s break off limbs, rip up roots. Make the jungle great again!
Lock em’ up! Lock em’ up! Put creatures who object in pens! 8

Descend the horrid boots upon the orange flea ingrained
inside that empty bombard called, His Presidential Head. 9

Like a dangling sword, all that we dreaded, cut loose falls upon us. 10 

If you rule with iron, know that the blood and blades
of the oppressed will sharpen. 11

The Majority Vote should sue.  Sue baby sue.  Sue everything they do.
I’m calling for 3 million lawsuits filed against Trump.  Just sue. 12

He spoke, and I saw his acid spittle drip, drip and etch the fringes of history. 13
There’s a twelve-year-old boy, freckle-faced, Trump for President t-shirt,

dropping the n-bomb,slapping his knee and adjusting his
Yeah, Buddy ball cap between sentence breaks. 14


I won’t watch him on TV, read the newspaper or listen to the radio
because the words crawl over me like unwanted touch. 16

Shameless huckster, carnival barker, impotent, impudent teller of lies  17
I’m, like, a really smart person, he bragged, squinting into a howling wind .18

There is no music in this man—only masochisms of caustic eructating reflux and clamorous malodorous flatulence—to be broadcast live across the nation 24/7. 19

Indifferent to Armageddon the President tweets his self-centered
annoyances each morning 20 

We wake up from our nightmares to further nightmares. 21 

His first week in office, Trump gagged the EPA, revived  Keystone XL, approved
Dakota Access, gutted the ACA, ignored the facts, tweeted alternatives. 22 

He opened the box and out swarmed hate, stinging those marked
by race, sex, beliefs, or love. Only hope remained: a balm—not a solution. 23 

Ashes rain on a world that sits shiva.
The vest is torn, mourners rock their grief. 24 

He, white-orange Mammon’s minion, tethered to Weak Wall Street’s Bannon, flares, flings; yet we, in their despite,

with solidarity confront their hellish night. 25 
I hope for your sake that the devil accepts you. 26 

How long do we allow puppets to dress up discrimination as democracy? 27 
Already we have been erased, but we will never again be silenced. 28 

In the end, it was all about the wall.  Not the big, beautiful, wall he promised,
but the wall that separates us from them. 29

You came for my brothers, you’ll come for me, but you already know our answer,
Not today: Not today, motherfucker, not today. 30

Denying the undeniable, speaking through muffled news bites, playing the big game of war, the fish-mouth ready to gobble up China and gloat, 31

what’s not stolen at his tolls will be lost at his slots, 32
obfuscate, skate away from truth, confuse, light America’s fuse, but DJT, beware,

take care, millions aren’t just watching but judging and YOU are the apprentice 33
The crones have been stirring their cauldrons, and daughters keep watch and learn.34

From Italian leather shoes and shrill perfume, we keep a glimmer of light outward.35

Life is more dangerous for all of us,36the generals come and go,
unsure if their briefs have been read, 37

The Klan-backed white man replaced the first black man to occupy the White House,and white power slogans decorate towns like purple hearts. 38

In walks the red tie and red hat; epic fighter, solitary brawler, schooling Frankfurt, choking-out media,academia, Hollywood and Broadway, all steel balls and walls. 39

As for us, Never! We’ll confront, resist, build a longer table—tear your wall down. 40 
Let’s talk about how many balls and walls, how many obfuscated truths one pocket

can hold before seams pull and the leak to come is inevitable. 41 
I’m tired of this fight. I’ve climbed this wall, spoken truth,

taken blows, been shamed and fallen.
Breath shallow, I roar at the wall. 42 

No wall will be tall enough to hide our shame,
as he grabs America without consent and does with her as he pleases. 43 

It’s yours, these slave wages for cheap wars and bombs
to scare the peace out of the sheep, and the peace out of us….44 

As the odious orange marmot burps lies,the wall of shame cannot contain us.
The rabid, spliced by a series of alternative rights. 45 

Discrimination removing the cloak of religion, judge a community
not the cancer-affected portion, but focusing on the brighter aspect! 46 

An old neighbor says, “Disruption. That’s the name of the era.” 47 

A television barker won a job to which he really didn’t aspire and, Heaven Help Us,
now we’re stuck with a Presidential Liar! 48 

Hail to the thief of contested elections, that rusty can of gasoline stored
in the oval office, that crushed orange construction cone topped by straw! 49 

Reveal your stock folio, Mr. Braggadocio; stop your shell game with the truth;
stop pretending that acting is reality. 50 

Yes, yes flirt with ignominy. Remain grease-dirty. Tinker underneath. Seek
aware. Stir. Do not withdraw to quiet corners waiting for a miracle or a fix. 51 

We traveled from hope to fear like a car crash;
now we search for fellow survivors, the women and people of color you despise. 52 

A woman’s place is in the resistance,
and we will rebel every injustice and every wall he builds. 53 

Every time I hear the words, “President Trump,” uttered,
I cringe, disbelieving, still shocked that those words are touching 54 

Shouty spice drools over the orange cheeto. 55 

It is a comic book world, after all. Villains conspire, thinly veiled lies seep out.
What a fabulous distraction, the characters doing a live puppet show! 56 

A first lady versed in the ways of the media spin, the unpopular win, the mis-
understood twin, the glossover, combover, sleepover, pickover master. 57 

Serve up alt-facts in a smoothie, we can still tell sooth from tall tales.
No more malignant rumors! No more artificial Sweden-ers. 58 

Ten days since eyes were pinned open.
Watch true crime documentaries, to understand necrophilia.

Money gods are fucking the corpse we call America. 59 
And in the eye sockets of America’s bleached skull, immigrants run like tears. 60 

Resiste lo que te quiere llevar lejos de la justicia,de la humanidad
El agua empujada volverá con fuerza y velocidad 61 

Our civil discourse has been cursive and we have not been honest with each other
as his barking makes us doubt our own hypothesizes. 62 

The ventriloquists have learned to jibe and rant,
We ignored the vulgar dummy, now discover that we can’t. 63 

Truth denied, diversity exiled, justice fired, science and art defiled, mercy cried — American fascism’s rise. 64 

Like the drunk, politically incorrect uncle, he offends in rapid-fire fashion
while his country apologizes to the sobered world and hopes he’ll go home. 65 

This is our time! Our mothers marched so we wouldn’t have to, and 66 


Call for Submissions: Epic Protest Poems: The Trump Years

Here at Epic Protest Poems, we are curating an epic poem as our first project.


We invite all poets to write one line, of no more than 26 words that will be considered for inclusion in the Epic Presidential Poem: The Trump Years. 

(The concept is to receive lines of poetry, we will read and select the best lines to then place the lines into what will become an epic poem that we add one line to for every day that Trump is in office.)